EMBA-Global Asia - Learning experience

EMBA-Global Asia - Learning experience

EMBA-Global Asia provides a collaborative learning environment where you’ll debate theories, challenge assumptions and share experiences with a diverse group of high-calibre, globally-focused executives and entrepreneurs. The programme is taught entirely in English.

Total immersion

As a residential programme, you and your classmates will stay together in a hotel during your core study blocks and International Assignments. This creates the perfect environment for discussion and debate away from the classroom, and the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with your fellow students.

Learn and apply

After each study block, you’ll consolidate what you’ve learned as you apply new classroom concepts out in the real world. You’ll then return with new experiences and perspectives to share with your classmates.  This exceptional combination creates a dynamic forum where your assumptions are challenged and your opinions debated. This is a hugely powerful aspect of the learning experience.

Between study blocks, you should allow between 15 and 20 hours a week for personal study.

Study groups

Teamwork is at the centre of our collaborative learning experience. It can be challenging to work in multicultural teams, but it’s an essential management skill that’s highly valued by employers.

You’ll be assigned to a study group of four to six people at the start of the programme.  The group will be built from a diverse range of backgrounds - each with different strengths. Throughout the core courses, your group will work closely, sharing expertise and workload.

You’ll find your study group is invaluable in supporting you through the demands of the programme.

Teaching and assessment

As an EMBA-Global Asia student, you learn through a rich mix of case studies, class discussions, simulations, group work, guest speakers and private study.

Each course is assessed using some, or all, of the following tools:

  • individual projects/essays/reports
  • examinations
  • class participation
  • group assignments/reports
  • class presentations.

While group work is an important part of the programme, at least 50% of assessment is based on individual work.

You must complete 14 core courses and 8 elective options to complete the programme.

Upon graduation you receive an MBA degree awarded jointly by London Business School, The University of Hong Kong and Columbia University.