EMBA-Global Americas & Europe - Global network

EMBA-Global Americas & Europe - Global network

From day one, you’ll be plugged into the combined networks of London Business School and Columbia Business School.
97,000 alumni spread throughout all corners of the world. 

You’ll join a community who operate on a global level, working from different offices around the world, or managing teams in different locations. They represent a vast array of functions, sectors and nationalities. But share the perspective to think on a global scale.

Boundless opportunities to build new contacts

Electives and cross-programme events enable you to broaden your network further as you meet and study with students from other degree programmes across the schools.

In addition to the countless regional and professional alumni clubs, there are frequent social and professional events all over the world that provide alumni with numerous opportunities to connect with their peers.

"The experience of the EMBA-Global Americas & Europe programme is still very firmly engraved in my mind as the benefits continue to reveal themselves. Today, I travel a lot for work purposes and there always seems to be someone I can call on, or a London or Columbia Business School event that I can attend in every city. The strong bonds and contacts I made on the programme were instrumental in enabling me to realise my career transition."
Nnenna Ilomechina, EMBA-Global Americas & Europe (2014)

Get double the alumni benefits

As an EMBA-Global graduate you’ll receive the combined benefits of both London Business School and Columbia Business School alumni membership:

You’ll enjoy access to:

  • an online directory of over 81,000 alumni
  • more than 150 alumni clubs worldwide
  • continue your education by auditing elective classes, or take advantage of discounted rates on London Business School and Columbia Business School Executive Education courses
  • practical career support and advice designed for the needs of alumni
  • a lifelong email forwarding address
  • research resources and business intelligence
  • landmark events such as London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit, Reunion and Worldwide Alumni Celebration, and Columbia Business School’s Worldwide Alumni Club Event, Reunion, Pan-European and Pan-Asian reunions.

For further details visit the London Business School and Columbia Business School Alumni webpages.