EMBA-Global Americas & Europe - The faculty

EMBA-Global Americas & Europe - The faculty

EMBA-Global Americas & Europe attracts the brightest and the best faculty from London Business School and Columbia Business School. They are renowned scholars and opinion formers in the business world who consult in organisations, advise governments and routinely address high-level conferences and business forums.

Faculty insights feed directly into the courses to reflect the challenges of the global economy and to enable students to operate as successful leaders anywhere in the world. Read on for profiles of key faculty members from London Business School and Columbia Business School.

  • Alex Yang
    Alex Yang
    • London Business School

    PhD, University of Chicago
    Course Taught: Managerial Statistics

  • Amir Ziv
    Amir Ziv
    • Columbia Business School

    PhD, Stanford
    Course Taught: Financial Accounting

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott
    • London Business School

    PhD, Oxford
    Course Taught: Global Environmental Economics

  • Jean-Pierre Benoît
    Jean-Pierre Benoît
    • London Business School

    PhD, Stanford
    Course Taught: Managerial Economics

  • Nelson Fraiman
    Nelson Fraiman
    • Columbia Business School

    PhD, Columbia University
    Course Taught: Operations Management

  • Derek Bunn
    Derek Bunn
    • London Business School

    PhD, MSc London University
    Course Taught: Energy: Markets, Models & Strategies

  • Donna Hitscherich
    Donna Hitscherich
    • Columbia Business School

    MBA, Columbia
    Course Taught: Business Law, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Eric Abrahamson
    Eric Abrahamson
    • Columbia Business School

    PhD, New York University
    Course Taught:
     Power & Influence

  • Hitendra Wadhwa
    Hitendra Wadhwa
    • Columbia Business School

    PhD, MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management
    Course Taught: Personal Leadership & Success, Leading Others from the Inside Out

  • Julian Birkinshaw
    Julian Birkinshaw
    • London Business School

    PhD, MBA The University of Western Ontario
    Course Taught: Achieving Strategic Agility

  • Lynda Gratton
    Lynda Gratton
    • London Business School

    PhD, Liverpool University
    Course Taught: Businesses & Careers of the Future