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The EMBA-Global Asia timetable facilitates a highly-focused learning experience. It has been designed so you can minimise the need to be away from the office, make the most of your time on campus, and focus on your studies.

View the May 2014 timetable (tentative)

The programme is split into 20 four or five-day concentrated teaching periods, or study blocks, scheduled approximately once per month and spread over five terms. Each term involves around 120 teaching hours. Between study blocks, you should expect to commit between 15 and 20 hours a week to personal study.

Terms 1-3

In the first three terms, core courses give you a solid grounding in all areas of business. Core courses are primarily taught in Asia, with blocks also taking place in London and New York.

Teaching is shared equally between London Business School, The University of Hong Kong and Columbia Business School faculty members, who travel to teach wherever the class is in residence.

Terms 4-5

In the final two terms, you have the opportunity to specialise and tailor your learning by choosing from the extensive portfolio of elective options offered by the three schools. As part of the elective portfolio, you also participate in one or more International Seminars or Assignments and have the option to undertake an independent research course.

In these final two terms, your study location depends upon your elective choices and may include London, New York and Hong Kong, as well as other International Seminar and Assignment destinations.

Study group working together

Where you study

EMBA-Global Asia gives you the opportunity to study in global business capitals and dynamic emerging markets.

Attend an event

We offer a range of information events to help you learn more about the EMBA-Global Asia programme. 

Programme support

To ensure that you get the most out of EMBA-Global Asia, we support you with a range of services.

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