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The EMBA-Global Asia curriculum is comprehensive and demanding. The timetable enables highly-focused learning, minimising your time spent away from the office and ensuring optimum learning impact.

Key elements of the programme:

  • EMBA-Global Asia has one intake each May.
  • Typically, you will complete the programme in 20 months, but certain elective choices may enable completion in 16 months.
  • The programme's residential study block format means you study over several consecutive days per month in one of the learning hubs.
  • The intensive timetable features full days of lectures, group work and assignments during study blocks.
  • Core courses take place in three learning hubs: Hong Kong, London and New York. You also study in one or more other markets as part of the International Seminars or Assignments.
  • Each of the three schools makes an equal contribution to the teaching of the core courses, with faculty travelling to teach wherever the class is in residence.
  • You have access to the elective portfolios of London Business School, Columbia Business School and The University of Hong Kong.
  • All teaching is delivered in English, using a collaborative style that means you learn from the experiences of your fellow students, as well as from faculty.


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Review the key programme details and a summary of your next steps in submitting an application.


The EMBA-Global Asia timetable facilitates a highly-focused learning experience.

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