EMBA-Global Asia - Our Ranking

EMBA-Global Asia - Our Ranking

We are the world’s #2 Executive MBA (EMBA) as ranked by the Financial Times in 2017, the first time in the history of the newspaper’s business education rankings that a programme had been placed so high for its first year of participation.

What’s behind this remarkable achievement? Our graduates have one of the highest average salaries at US$319,000, an increase of 78% on their pre-EMBA pay. They are also in the top 20 for their career experience before enrolling, as well as for career progress.

Of the graduates from our class of 2014, more than 80% held senior positions from the level of department head upwards. They also have one of the highest satisfaction rates, at 83%. Most (80%) of the people in this class were international students.

Our programme is ranked seventh out of 100 EMBAs in the FT ranking’s International Course Experience category. The high placing reflects our students’ satisfaction with learning in three cities – London, Hong Kong and New York – and having access to our global network.

For the Aims Achieved category, we scored an impressive 83% – fewer than one-fifth of all EMBAs in the FT ranking reached or exceeded 80%.