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Learning environment

EMBA-Global provides a collaborative learning environment in which a diverse group of high-calibre, globally-focused executives and managers debate theories, discuss cases and share experiences.

Total immersion

EMBA-Global is a residential programme and your class will stay together in a hotel during your core study blocks and international seminar. This creates an intense and uninterrupted environment for discussion and debate away from the classroom, as well as opportunity to socialise and build a lifelong network with your fellow students.

Learn and Apply

After each study block, every member of the class takes the tools and skills they have learned in the classroom, tests them out in the real world, and brings this experience back to the classroom to share with the rest of the class. This is a hugely powerful aspect of the learning experience.

Between study blocks, you should expect to commit between 15 and 20 hours a week to personal study.

Study groups

Teams and group work are at the centre of the collaborative EMBA-Global learning experience. It can be challenging to work in multicultural teams, but it is an essential management skill that is highly valued by employers.

At the start of the programme, you will be assigned to a study group of between four to six people from a diverse range of backgrounds - each with different strengths. Throughout the first three terms of core courses, you work closely together to share your expertise and workload.

You will find your study group is highly valuable in supporting you through the demands of the programme. In addition, group-based projects make up an important part of your total assignment work, so extensive communication within your group is essential. Between study blocks, you can collaborate virtually with your study group through the EMBA-Global intranet.

School building


The EMBA-Global timetable facilitates a highly-focused learning experience.

Programme support

To ensure that you get the most out of EMBA-Global, we support you with a range of services.

Teaching and assessment

As an EMBA-Global student, you learn through a rich mix of case studies, class discussions, simulations, group work, guest speakers and private study.

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