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EMBA-Global attracts the brightest and the best faculty from Columbia and London Business Schools. They are renowned scholars and opinion formers in the business world who consult in organisations, advise governments and routinely address high-level conferences and business forums.

Faculty insights feed directly into the courses that are created to reflect the challenges of the global economy and to enable students to operate as successful leaders anywhere in the world.

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The student perspective

Here current student Gunden Yilmaz, EMBA-Global 2009, talks about faculty on the EMBA-Global programme:

"The top-class faculty make this programme what it is. They are diverse in their backgrounds, both culturally and professionally, so teaching methods vary depending on the faculty member. This is a wonderful part of the programme as it provides a truly global perspective on how business is conducted around the world and introduces the class to new ways of thinking and approaching business problems."

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The faculty perspective

Here members of faculty tell us why they enjoy teaching EMBA-Global students:

"Teaching on the EMBA-Global programme is both exciting and rewarding, and overall a very different endeavour from teaching on any of the other programmes I have experienced so far The diversity of student backgrounds, and the breadth and depth of their experience, leads to lively and informative discussions while their relaxed attitude borne of self-confidence and maturity has a large positive impact on class interactions."
Dr Catalina Stefanescu, Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences, London Business School

"With programmes like EMBA-Global, you're connecting with people from all over the world. In terms of access to ideas and opportunities, there's no better way to expand a network. Students constantly tell me about new projects and job opportunities that were the result of relationships built in class.

"From my perspective, EMBA-Global students make up the best MBA classroom in the world. The participants are a very accomplished, diverse and sophisticated set of students who learn from each other and build a worldwide network in the process of earning their MBAs."
Paul Ingram, Professor of Management, Columbia Business School 

Emba-Global female faculty teaching

Core courses

EMBA-Global core courses are designed to give you a sound knowledge base in all areas of general management. 

Elective portfolio

Choose from the extensive elective portfolio to customise the programme to your individual needs.

Where you study

EMBA-Global gives you the opportunity to study in global business capitals and dynamic emerging markets.

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